Monday, July 28, 2008

A Friends post!!

My friend Renee posted this on her blog and I liked it so I stole it lol.. Sorry Renee~~

Don't Pity Me
By: Joanne Green
Don't pity me
because my child was not born
"perfect", for in his imperfection I have
learned to see beauty that is deeper
than the flesh.

Don't pity me
because my child and I have faced challenges
that have served to forge
a bond much deeper than love.

Don't pity me,
because you could not have done this,
for I thought that too once,
before I learned that through love you can do
a great many things you once couldn't do.

Don't pity me,
my child is the greatest blessing to ever touch my life
I am rich to have him, and richer still for
the experience of knowing him.
And if you are truly my friend,
then you will understand.

And please,
Don't Pity Me.

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