Saturday, July 5, 2008

San Antonio!!

We took a 5 day vacation to San Antonio,TX and man did we have fun!! We left on Monday morning and got there Mon. night.. Our friends McKenna & DJ and the precious kids met us for dinner and it was so good to be able to visit with them. Tuesday we took the girls to Sea World with McKenna,Darah, & Connor. It was alot of fun!! Lacey went home with McKenna while we took the older girls on all the big rides. Lacey really loved spending time with Darah & Connor.. All she wanted to do was love on Darah.(go figure, who wouldn't)..Wednesday we went to the Alamo and the Riverwalk.. We took a boat ride,did some shopping and of coarse we ate lol.. Chris & Kassidy had never eaten at the Rainforest Cafe' so we went to dinner there and the kids really loved it.. On Thursday we went to Six Flags and Lacey stayed with McKenna again.(Thanks so much McKenna for taking care of her) Haley,Kassidy & their friend Stormie had such a blast riding the rides and getting soaked on the water rides.. Chris & I enjoyed ourselves as well.. That night we took the girls to play Put-Putt golf, which I have to say I totally kicked their butts. Finally on Friday we went to The Powell's house and had lunch with them and our other friends Shylo,Randon, & Karli.. It was such a treat to be able to spend the week with McKenna & fam. and then to be able to see everyone for lunch on Friday was great.. McKenna made Lacey a bday cake and she got so excited.. Shylo & fam. bought Lacey a cute animal book and a box of Goldfish.(can you guess what she pulled out first lol)..
I swear the ride home felt like it took forever but I really miss everyone already but am so glad to be in my own bed.. I have alot of pics to post but I will have to do that later once I figure out this new PC lol.. Thanks again McKenna for everything!!!

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