Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hurricane Gustav!!

Well all last week we kept hearing about this major hurricane heading our way!! This hurricane just kept growing larger and it started to make me a little worried. When Katrina hit we didn't have electricity for days. So on Sunday after church we went to the grocery store and stocked up with things we could eat or cook on the grill.. I also made Chris buy like 3 cases of bottled water lol.. He kept saying that it is not as bad as everyone said it is gonna be. So on Monday night we were all hunkered down at my moms awaiting Gustav. We got Lacey to sleep around 11:30 and when the storm hit at around 1am our little angel was wide awake and not willing to go back to sleep until the rain & wind stopped.. Lacey hates a car wash and she always associates hard rain with a car wash. So needless to say her & I rode the hurricane out together watching whatever was on Nick lol.. She finally fell asleep on the floor at around 2pm that afternoon. Finally the no sleeping finally caught up with her lol. Wish I would of taken a pic, it was so cute!! I guess you could say that even though Gustav wasn't as bad as they thought to Lacey is was a category 5. All joking aside we were very lucky that Gustav came into land as a cat. 2 and not a cat. 4.. We got alot of rain & wind but other than a few downed trees that was it.. We didn't even loose electricity, thank the lord! I am still praying for those families down south that weren't so lucky~


Kristen said...

I am so happy that you are all safe!

Christina said...

Glad that you are all safe. We are bracing for a possible hit early next week from Ike.