Thursday, September 18, 2008

Newspaper interview~~

I got a nice surprise when I arrived home Monday after work. The Shreveport Times wanted to interview me about Lacey's life and what my thoughts were on Sarah Palin. They said that Sarah Palin had brought DS to light lately and they wanted to know more about it and how it affects your family & the people around you. Well I jumped at the chase for people to have a look at Lacey and get to know her.. AND for me to say how excited I am about Sarah Palin running for VP.. The interview went grate and the lady described Lacey as "a bucket full of sassy". I just loved that because it so describes her to a T~~~ After we talked about Lacey for awhile she wanted to know how I felt about Sarah Palins speak and if I believed her when she said " To the families of kids with special needs I will be your advocate & friend in the White House". I told her that I really don't believe alot of what politicians say but I DO believe that she was sincere!! We talked a little more about Sarah Palin and then we talked about our upcoming Buddy Walk. After the interview was over she told me that a photographer would be at our house at 4pm to do a photo shot of our family with Lacey & then some of just Lacey & I. I checked the kids out of school early so I could get them dressed and cleaned up. Lacey was so darn cute and the pics turned out so good. They took some of the family & then the rest was of Lacey & I playing under a big oak tree. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed it~~ As soon as they send me a copy of the pics I will post them. The article is suppose to be out this Sunday so I will copy & past it here. Just wanted to share this exciting news & our day with ya'll~~


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

That is SO great! I can't wait to see pictures!!!

McKenna said...

I can't wait to see the article and pictures!! I love the new nickname for Lacey!

datri said...

Have they published the article yet?