Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Love the new layout

First I must say "Thank you" to Rebecca for this lovely new layout!! She does a great job!!

Well on to an update..
On Monday I took over a 2nd grade class for the rest of the school year.. Can't be that bad right?? HA!! I am so tired and OMG at the papers I have to grade. Not to mention my house work is falling behind.. I love to teach but I am used to not having to work everyday, just 3 or so days a week lol..

Other than that everything is good. The kids are all doing well and ready for summer.. Lacey had her IEP meeting this month and she is moving on the regular Pre-K without an aid. I am so excited and proud of her.. She really works so hard at school and follows directions so well.. We already know who her teacher is gonna be and I couldn't be more thrilled. She is wonderful and Lacey just loves her.. Haley & Kassidy are doing good just keeping me running with all their practices.. Our whole family is in a wedding on June 14 and we have been trying to get all that taken care of.. They are gonna be so cute in their dresses.. Haley & Kassidy are both junior bridesmaids, Lacey is the flower girl, Chris is a groomsman, and I am the Matron of honor.. This wedding is gonna be beautiful~!!

I have a few prayer request:
First one is for our cousin Holly Russo. She found out she had breast cancer and 2 days later had a double masectomy!! She started Chemo today and I know her & her family would appreciate your prayers for her.. She is dealing with alot I know!!

Next, is for the Norwood family. They lost their 6yr old son Bryce on Feb.14,2008 and are having a tough time dealing with Bryce not being here.. My heart goes out to them and they really need your prayers..

Last but certainly not least, my friend Renee Garcia's daughter Kennedy is waiting for surgery to repair her instablity of spine & neck.. Kennedy is in remission from Leaukima and has undergone alot in her short life. Please pray for her to have her surgery soon and for a wonderful outcome. They are very special to my heart and I feel like they are my family.. Kennedy is Lacey's buddy and I know they would appreciate your prayers also..

Well I guess for now that is just about all I can think of to say!! I promise to try to update my blog more often.. Thanks for checking on us & God Bless!!


amy flege said...

Love your new look! and wow on the teaching... thats a lot of work!! I can imagine how tired you are after dealing with 2nd graders all day!!!!!

McKenna said...

Your blog looks great! It sounds like you've been busy and it sounds like you're all doing great! HUGS!