Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I know its been forever since I have blogged lol!!

Well we have been really busy lately and I haven't had alot of time to get on the PC and update. SORRY!!~~ Alot has been going on here though. Haley took the LEAP test last week and hopefully she did well. The LEAP test is a pass or fail test and if you fail you have to take summer school and retake the test & pass in order to go to the 5th grade!! AGHHHHHHHH We get the results back in May so please everyone keep your fingers crossed lol.. Haley also got all A's on her report card and we are so very proud of her as 4th grade is REALLY hard..

Kassidy has been busy also with Karate & school. She tested and got her advanced red belt so just 3 belts to go till our black YAY~~~ She is doing really good in school and just got all A's on her report card.. I was looking at her and Haley the other day and I can't believe how fast Kassidy has caught up to her.. They are almost the exact same size lol.. I almost forgot to mention that Kassidy was saved on Thursday and baptized on Sunday. We are so proud that she has accepted Jesus into her heart and life.. Such a big girl decision and she made it without blinking an eye..

Lacey is doing good with the exception of a little cold she has right now.. She had her testing to get ready for IEP meeting and tested in the 4yr old range which is GREAT considering she is only a little over 3 1/2.. We are so very proud of her and she continues to amaze us.. She is talking so very well and I love her little southern accent.( My friend Renee said how could she not have an accent with the mine is lol..) Her hair is also getting so long, it is almost to her butt and is getting thicker(thanks heavens).. I can't believe that her 4th bday will be here before we know it.. That makes me happy and sad at the same time.. This morning she is still asleep which is definatley a record for her considering its 8:45am here and she ALWAYS gets up at around 6am.. Of course I was up at 6am ready for her and didn't get to sleep in.(little stinker)

Our Easter was really great.My sister and her crew came in town Friday. We took ours & my sisters kids to the church Easter egg hunt on Saturday and then we had a bon fire that night for them to make smores.. We dyed 6 1/2 dozen Easter eggs that night and the kids had a blast doing it themselves. You can only imagine the mess they made lol.. Oh well nothing Clorox cleanup didn't fix.. The girls got tons of stuff in their Easter baskets. We went to church and Kassidy was baptized right after the service and then we came home to hunt eggs and eat lunch. After all that we really did need a nice long nap lol.. Well that is about all for now. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and rememebered the true reason behind it..

Also, could you continue to pray for our friend Kennedy Garcia. She is getting ready to undergo a surgery to help repair her neck and she needs everyones prayers.. They are such a great family that I have come to love and Kennedy is an amazing,strong willed little angel and I know she is gonna be just fine.. But lots of prayers can't hurt~~~

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Yes it HAS been forever! LOL Glad to hear all the kids are doing so well! I am sure Haley did GREAT on her test! You need to take a new pic of Lacey so I can see her long hair!