Monday, February 11, 2008

Jamfest Nationals & Haley's first date :)

We have had a really busy weekend!! Haley had a cheerleading competition Sat. & Sun. and she also had to take her Hunter's Safety shooting test Sat. morning at 7am. Well she started off with a fever early Sat. morning and I freaked as I knew the she had the flu.. Well we doped her up with Tylenol and off she went to her shooting test, which she scored 49 out of 50 YAY!!!!!! Then after she got home from that we had to get her ready for the cheerleading competition. They were competing against 5 other teams and at the end of Sat. they were in 3rd place. They performed really well Sat. but so did the top 2.. After getting her home and letting her rest we got her ready for her first little date lol.. Langston's(the boyfriend)mom Tiffany who I have known forever picked Haley up and off they went to got bowling and out to eat.. Langstons family was there and his mom told him he could take someone and I guess Haley was the lucky one lol..We have been picking on her about it being her first date but I'm sure you all know that we would never let Haley date till she was 21 lol. If it hadn't been someone I had known forever she would of never of gone.. Chris made Langston call him and ask if Haley could go and then he had to come in and get her lol. It was all so cute and innocent..After I took a couple of pics they were off.. She got home and passed out after a VERY long day.. Sunday we got up and got ready for our last competition of the year!! Langston & his mom came to see Haley perform. Haley did so well and so did all of her team..I was so very proud of her and all the girls who had worked so hard.. They came in 2nd place!! YAY~~~~~~~~~ Cheer Nation beat them by 1/100th of a point which to us is a huge victory because noone ever beats Cheer Nation.. After the awards were over we took Haley & Langston to eat at Hooter's.. It was a nice end to a wild weekend~~~ If you made it this far thanks for reading about our crazy weekend.. Go TITAN JR....... Here are some pics from the weekend~~
Haley & Langston~!~
Haley & Stormie on the skywalk~~
She looks like she is on top of the world!!
Haley & her cheer buddies~~
Haley & Langston @ Jamfest!!


Christina said...

HOW old is she?! LOL First date?! Does sound like a busy busy weekend and WTG Haley on the shooting thing and the competition!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Cute pics! 21 huh?! WOW you're stricter than we are! LOL I was married with 2 kids by then! LOL