Friday, February 8, 2008

The good & the bad!!

Well I will start off with bad and end with the good lol..
The bad news is that Lacey now has the flu. I picked her up from school yesterday and when I got her home I noticed her cheeks were red so I checked her temp. 103.0. Just lovely huh??? Think not~~ So we are now also on the Tamflu and alternating Tylenol & Motrin. Also somehow she escaped out of the side door on her way to the gym during school yesterday and her APE teacher is in a knee brace and couldn't run after her so by the time they caught her she was in the parking lot headed to the high school.. Needless to say I was not happy that the janitor left a side door open and that she got out. But atleast she is ok and that is really all that matters anyway right??

Ok now to the good news!!

This morning when Lacey got up she told me she had to go potty. She tells me this all the time and we usually just sit there and she never goes. But this morning she did and I was so proud of her that I gave her gummy savers at 7:30 am lol.. Well about 9:45 she came to me and said she had to potty again and much to my surprise she tee teed again!!! YAY Lacey!!! I am so proud of her and know I am determined she is gonna be potty trained by her 4th bday!!! Stephanie and I were just talking about this yesterday and for her to do it on her own today just amazes me..Now if we can just get on a schedule with her and get this potty training over and done with!!

Thanks so much to anyone who comes on here to check on us and see how my girls are doing... I love ya~~


Christina said...

Awww poor girl..I hope her flu bug passes really quick! That is wonderful about the potty....And yeah it's a big deal that she got out of the school. If she is into wandering off and the teacher can't get her then she needs an aide to help for safety reasons.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

WTG Lacey!!!! I hope the girls are feeling better VERY soon!

amy flege said...

oh the flu is NO fun. we had that a few years ago and it went through the whole family.....
yeah on going on the potty though!! that is great!

The Tryon Family said...

Poor baby girl!! I hope she is feeling better. Awesome about the potty!! What a big girl!