Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well last night as the girls were on their way home from church my parents called to tell me that Kassidy was running fever and had a headache. All 3 of the kids that sit at her table have the flu and my 2 nephew have the flew, so I guess we now have the flew.. I called the dr and he called us in some Tamaflu but that only shortens it :(..

When I got home from getting the medicine I woke Kassidy up to give her some and her fever was like 102.0 and she was completely out of it. She was so diliarious and couldn't focus. It scared the crapt out of Chris.. So if you don't mind guys could you please say a prayer that Kassidy gets over this quickly and NOONE else gets it.. Today was her field trip that she has been so excited about and she has to miss it. Poor baby!!


Christina said...

Oh no that totally stinks! Kallie is sick now too, but I think she picked up something from our hospital stay...prayers for everyone to get better quickly!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh no! Poor Kassidy! Praying Kassidy feels better VERY soon and no one else gets it!

Four Powells said...

Shoot! We will be praying!