Monday, July 14, 2008

Back from Boston,MA!!

I touched back down in the good ole state of Louisiana yesterday around 3pm. My trip to Boston,MA was amazing!! It is such a beautiful place to visit. There are the most breathe taking buildings there and the old churchs are so pretty.. It is a very clean city with alot of nice people.(excluding the rude cab drivers)

We arrived on Thursday at 2pm and I got to see Stephanie first thing :)!!! After a crazy trip in a cab to the hotel we finally arrived in one piece. Almost couldn't say the same for the 5 innocent people he almost plowed down in the street!! Bethany & her family arrived and we decided to take a trip to eat at the original "Cheers" bar & grill!! Well lets just say that a navigation system doesn't always take you to the right place lol.. After a delayed we were finally at Cheers!! It was a really neat place and we took some great pics there of the girls!! On Friday we toured the city and did some shopping. Man do those people love to shop and almost all the store are extremely expensive!!!!! I loved looking around the city at all the building,statues, and my favorite was the Boston Harbor..There were jellyfish everywhere~~ Friday night was our Downsyn dinner and it was so great to see & meet everyone and their wonderful families. On Saturday we went to the conference and looked at the exhibits and got alot of good info. I got the priviledge to meet Jennifer Graf Groneberg and Karen Gaffeny!! It was a really good day although I just couldn't believe that my trip was almost over :(!! That night we went to the dance and had some fun watching all the kids dance!! On Sunday we got up early and headed to the airport.. It was so hard to say goodbye to all of our friends and those we had just met!! It is so funny how life gives us a group of amazing people who seem to capture your heart and take a important role in your life..
After that long plane ride home I finally saw the faces of my precious family and had a wonderful dinner together!! All in all I had the best time in Boston and can't wait for next years conference in Sacramento,CA!!! I have alot of pics to post but I need to upload them so please check back soon!!


amy flege said...

it was great seeing you renee..... one of my fav pictures of boston is the one with you and maymay. it turned out so good!

datri said...

Sounds like a great time! I'm so jealous!!! :)

Adie said...

Good post.