Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday's thoughts!!

I have been thinking alot about the movie Tropic Thunder this weekend and why I haven't gotten all that mad & fired up. I called 2 of my closest friends this morning and talked to them about it because I just felt I wasn't being fair to Lacey by not being "that" upset.. Both of my friends pointed out parts of the movie that I had never heard of and things I didn't even know about the movie. After reading one of the reviews someone posted on their blog and what the aspects of the movie are I am NOW mad and fired up!! I know that my opinion probably won't change anyones mind but atleast I will have taken a stand for Lacey and all of her friends!! I promised myself that when Lacey was born I would NEVER let anyone make fun of her and I still stand by that..

Not to long ago I had a run in at school with someone who used to be a good friend. He called one of the teachers at my kids school a "R" because he told him he couldn't smoke on the campus.. This teacher was in a horrible accident and has some motor issues. He works with the SPED kids to help them to keep up and not fall behind. I kindly asked this friend not to use that word because it wasn't right. He knows Lacey and about her diagnosis. He told me he wasn't referring to my daughter and that I needed to mind my own business and shut up!! Well I'm sorry that is my business and I will NEVER shut up defending Lacey or her friends.

Myself, friends or family members will not be seeing this movie and it is my hope that anyone who reads my blog will choose to forgo seeing it as well.. There are many references in this movie that go beyond trying to be funny, it is just plain cruel. I think one of my friends said it best when they said Lacey doesn't have a voice yet but her mother sure does.. So I am not going to let the world or the movies define what my daughter is or ever will be. She is a beautiful,smart and fun loving little girl who thank God doesn't know yet how cruel the world can be... I know someday she will and hopefully I will be able to explain this to her in a way that she will understand. That is just my opinion and I hope maybe one day that the world will learn to respect ALL of the people in it!!! Until then all parents of children with disabilities need to take a stand and fight for what it right!!!

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