Saturday, August 9, 2008

A normal day!

For some reason I felt the need to blog about "a normal day" in our house!!
On Thursday night both Haley & Kassidy had someone spend the night with them(which is just about every night in our house). As I was cooking supper I heard lots of giggling coming from Kassidy's room and I peeked in to see what was so funny!! I opened the door slowly so they wouldn't hear me and they were tickling Lacey and all the girls were telling Lacey how much they loved her!! As you can only imagine it brought great tears of joy to my eyes. I sat on the floor outside the door and watched a little longer(not caring that I might be burning supper). Lacey was having such a wonderful time playing with the girls and their friends and the friends were having fun playing with Lacey.. This was my dream for Lacey when she was born, to be loved and have friends!! Funny how you get the feeling it is always gonna be this way, that Lacey will soon have her own friends spending the night and our house will be full of girls of all ages. I love the fact that Haley & Kassidy ALWAYS include Lacey in whatever they are doing and they always make sure she is the center of EVERYONES attention. I thank God for all of my girls but I am so glad that Haley & Kassidy love being Lacey's big sister!! God is Great ALL the time~~

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