Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well I know I don't blog often. I just feel like when I do noone reads them or responds so what is the point. LOL I have now decided to just not worry about it and blog anyway, so here goes.

I have a few brags to start off.
~~ First, Lacey is potty trained and got really high scores on her mid year testing. She scored right there with the "normal" kids in Pre-K. Her vocabulary has grown enormously and now she talks ALL the time lol. The other day she was singing Happy Birthday and I told her my Bday was coming up & all I wanted was a cookie cake. Today she starts singing Happy Birthday to momma. I asked her what she was gonna get me for my bday and she said a cookie cake and a present. My heart just melted, I was so excited that she remembered the cake and added the present all on her own.. Thats my girl!! She has also learned how to pray and likes to do it all the time. We can be in Wal-Mart & she will go let us pray lol.. Gotta love what God does with our angels.

~~ Now on to Kassidy!! She got all A's on her report card & we were so proud of her. Her & Haley both have had all A's since Kindergarten. That is such a wonderful accomplishment and we are so proud of them. At Karate last night she was asked to be a leader for the class. That is a huge honor that is chosen by her instructor and peers. She is about to recieve her advanced brown belt and then the next belt will be her black one. For her only being 9 that is so huge. She went to the dr. the other day and her & Haley are almost the same size. They were only like 5 lbs difference. She is growing up to be a very bright and opinionated young lady.

~~Last but not least Haley.. She has been extremely busy lately. To start off with she had all A's on her report card!! She also WON "Student of the Year" for her school. She worked very hard to achieve this and we are SOOOO VERY proud of her. Today she went to interview for "Student of the Year" for our parish. Please say a prayer for her tonight that she gets it. We find out later this week and I will let you know when we find out. She also competed in the Social Studies Fair at her school & won 1st place. Then she got to go to the Parish Social Studies Fair where she placed 1st again. Now she goes to regionals so we will see how that goes on Mar.7. She did her project on the history of the dairy industry with her friend Brittany. This project was easy to do since we own a dairy farm. LOL They did such a great job on it.. WTG girls! Haley is also getting ready to start her shooting team up again so please pray that she does good and gets to go to state with that.

Well here are a few pictures!! Hope you enjoy them~~


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

The girls are all getting SO big! Isn't it nice to not have diapers anymore?! I still have Keeghan in them of course but at least Kenn is potty trained! Bout freaking time! LOL

datri said...

Great job, girls! They just get more beautiful each year!

Stephanie said...

So proud of all your girls! They are all the sweetest things south of the border. Give them all hugs and kisses from me! They are all getting so big.

My name is Sarah said...

I love the slide show.

Shylo said...

They're all so beautiful! I love all the pictures! Give Miss Lacey a big hug, we miss her!