Monday, February 16, 2009


Here lately I feel like I am so busy that I can't seem to find time for me! Does that sound remotely familiar to anyone else?? This Thursday Feb. 19 it will be my 32nd birthday and I am wondering where has 32yrs gone.
I look at my girls and I know where the best part of it was but what have I done with the rest of it? Last night as I layed in bed with Chris I thought about all the things in my life that I have done and how they have affected me. The greatest one being the birth of my girls and the joy they have brought to my life, that joy can't be measured. Then I think about the most life changing event and that would have to be the day Lacey was born. If God would of never blessed us with her grace I wouldn't know any of you who read this blog or I wouldn't have gained some of my very best friends. I have had the priviledge to meet alot of great people in places I would of never traveled and I have gotten to love on some of the cutiest & most precious angels. It funny how one little girl changed so much in my life.
I would like to think I am a better mother,friend,wife,and so on because of the lessons I have learned from her & all that she has been through. This blog started out about me and somehow it came around to being about Lacey lol.. I am so grateful for the 32yrs I have had and all the blessing that I have been given within those years. I have a wonderful husband,3 beautiful girls, great parents, and host of friends who are so dear to me.
If you are one of those friends who I don't tell enough or at all "Thank you so much for being my friend and letting me be apart of your lives and the lives of your family".. Life is so good and I have been blessed for being able enjoy it.. What more could anyone ask for out of life than to be surrounded by the people they love~~ I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day~~

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Awwwww....that was sweet.