Saturday, February 14, 2009

YAY Lacey~~

Well Lacey has been in big girl panties at school since Christmas and has only had a few accidents. Our only obstacle was that she wouldn't poo-poo on the potty :(~~ Well this past week she has been doing sooo good!! So I am hoping this means Lacey is fully potty trained (knock on wood) lol.. She loves being in her big girl panties and tells everyone she is wearing them lol. I am so proud of her and all the effort she is putting into being a big girl. I was so worried that we would be in high school and still in pull-ups!!! It is so funny cause Lacey's ped told me to just ease into it with her and don't push or she would hate going to the potty.. So that is just what I did and now we are POTTY TRAINED!! YAY LACEY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I just wanted to share that brag with ya'll so please keep your fingers crossed that this is it and not just a short lived phase~ I love you Lacey Bug and keep up the good work!!

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Kristen said...

YAY Lacey!!! That's awesome!