Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!!

2007 was a year full of all kinds of excitement!! We all stayed mostly healthy with the exception of a cold here & there. Here are some of the important things that happened in 2007 in random order as I can't remember dates lol.

Haley made the cheerleading squad and started competing! She also started the 4th grade and has made straight A's on her report card.. GO HALEY!! She also played ball this summer and we had alot of fun with that..

Kassidy is 2 belts from a black belt in Karate and placed 1st runner up in a beauty pagent. She entered the 2nd grade and has also kept straight A's on her report card.. GO KASSIDY~~ She also played ball this summer and we had alot of fun doing that..

Lacey has grown so much this past year. She is talking ALOT and has learned to do so many things for herself (YEAH).. She started Pre-K and loves it and her teachers.. She has also stayed really healthy for the most part. She took her first plain ride in Aug. We went to Kansas City for the National Down Syndrome Convention to see our friends. It was so much fun and we got to meet alot of wonderful people.. Every day she is amazing us..

Our family took a wonderful vacation to the mountains in Arkansas and had so much fun!!

We have prayed for alot of our friends who have been battling illnesses and some have won the battle and some have not.. We are most thankful that Kennedy Garcia is in remission and doing well and continue to pray for Bryce Norwood who is battling Wilms Tumors. I know God has his hands on both of these precious kids and his work will be done..

My dad was in a bad accident which severly injured his back and by the grace of God he is getting better with the exception of constant back pain.. But it could be so much worse so we are thankful!!

Chris's mom died on the Dec, 23,2007 and we buried her on Dec.26,2007. So our Christmas holidays were filled with both saddness and joy!! But she is now in a better place and free from pain!!

I started sub teaching this year and LOVE it!! It gives me something to do while the kids are in school. I just hate that I don't get as much time to visit with friends but atleast I can call my own terms lol..

Chris is doing well just working all the time. We celebrated our 11th anniversary in August are praying for 50 more.. For Christmas this year he bought me a gorgeous new wedding ring and I LOVE it and him so very much. I am thankful that God brought him into my life 16 yrs ago and that we are still in love and making the most of our lives together!

Well these are just some of the things that have happened in 2007 and I hope 2008 brings us and all of family & friends nothing but joy & good health!!

P.S. Please say a prayer for a friend of my sister's little girl. She is 5 and her name is Besti and she has been in a coma since Christmas Eve from viral encephalitis!! Pray God heals her and brings her back to her family!!

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Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Aww thanks :). Sounds like a good year overall! How is your dad by the way? Has he had any lasting effects from his accident?